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Lizzy Graves & Nick Vasuta

Lizzy Graves


Nick Vasuta

Lizzy Graves and Nick Vasuta

Our Story

It began at The End. Well, it actually started a couple months earlier at Belmont University, but we'll get there. The End is described as a "live music venue in no-nonsense digs"; we would say about as no-nonsense as it gets. The notorious singer-songwriter Connor Leimer brought Lizzy and Nick under one roof to start the one conversation to end them all. Fun fact: Allison Magnuson (Lizzy's Matron of Honor) met her now husband Jacob Magnuson at The End exactly a month before! There must be something in the water.

Only the most intimate of friends know that Lizzy fell in love with Nick a fateful day earlier that year. She was running late for an exam, rushed into the classroom and was surprised that a young grad student had replaced their professor. She mumbled sorry she was late, but her mind was not on her exam. If only this was a movie she could write her number on her exam and she and the young grad student would fall in love and live happily ever after...

Through fate and forces "unknown" the handsome grad student and Lizzy ended up at The End, numbers were exchanged and the rest is history. Except for the fact that Nick didn't contact Lizzy for two weeks, but that might have been because he was working 80 hour weeks finishing up the construction of the venue in which they are now getting married. Lizzy got her just reward; he finally texted just as she was flying off to Hawaii and now he had to wait.

The following months ensued first date then second date; lots of guacamole and a family ski trip where Nick threw Lizzy down the mountain. Lizzy fell in love with Nick's sense of humor, rugged good looks, and how he knows how to take care of everyone around him. Nick can't resist Lizzy's smile, silly optimism, and every crazy adventure she drags him along. They said I love you for the first time under the wooden gazebo in Park City's Historic District surrounded by snow and magic. A year later on January 31, 2019 Nick asked Lizzy to marry him at the exact same spot. And so the story ends for now...until August 1, 2020.

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