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Lizzy Graves & Nick Vasuta

Lizzy Graves


Nick Vasuta

Wedding Party

Allison Magnuson

Matron of Honor

An angel if I ever saw one. Allison and I met dancing at Nashville Ballet as freshmen in high school. Currently she is running the show as the newest manager at Cork & Cow, a refined steakhouse in downtown Franklin. She also finds time to teach baby ballerinas with me every Saturday morning. You are a beautiful dancer and a faithful, caring friend; I do not deserve you.

Matthew Vasuta

Best Man

Nick’s personal trainer and #1 brother. Matthew is a rare combination of the poster child for P90X and a Chemical Engineering mastermind. I will always tease him for being the second born male child, but the truth is he has the brains and now the muscle. Above all, Matthew is there every step of the way and the most encouraging and caring brother I could ask for.

Emily Graves


Currently obtaining a graduate degree at the Air Force Institute of Technology, Emily is going to dominate the field of Operations Research. But I know her as Emily Bemily Bop because she's a nut and always will be. I love your chaotic, infectious energy and can't wait to see you killing it on the dance floor (with Hunter). I would trust you with anything, the Air Force is lucky to have you.

Robby Graves


Robby is Lizzy’s older brother and probably the most badass human Nick knows. Robby is in the Air Force Special Forces and we are so immensely happy he can be a part of our wedding before his first deployment. I am still shocked I have not been put in my place yet, but I will take the months leading up to the wedding with caution.

Holly Vasuta


Holly is Belmont University's most recent graduate with a BSN and business minor, ready to rush into a Covid-19 filled world. The health industry is extremely lucky to have her. I also am very excited to have you as a new sister and friend. You are steadfast and caring and would be anyone's dream nurse. I am honored and excited that you will be by my side.

Aaron Suggs


Representing Nick’s OG childhood friends, Aaron was my right-hand man through high school. Aaron attending Vanderbilt when my family moved to Nashville allowed us to continue to hangout when I was home from Clemson. He is currently pursuing a graduate medical degree, and I have no doubt that Aaron has the diligence to continue to advance in the medical field.

Hadassah Perry


Hadassah is my colleague at New Dialect dance company and is an extremely beautiful dancer and friend. She is a teacher, choreographer, videographer and visionary. I am blessed to be able to work alongside such an inspiring human, and I look forward to the many more memories and dances we will create together. You are a friend with the kindest of hearts, thank you for always being there.

Grey Roberts


This man was most well known for his truck, but he has since sold his truck and therefore I am no longer sure who this man is. What I do remember of Grey is he will do absolutely anything for his friends, with no boundaries. There is never a dull moment around Grey, and when it comes to both outdoors and mechanical things his talents are both astounding and endless.

Riley Graves


Riley is about to go into her fourth year at the Air Force Academy where she is pursuing a degree in Political Science with German, Russian and Philosophy minors. An avid outdoors-woman, she's climbed countless 14ers and was a ranger at Philmont. You will never know what is going on in this girl's head, and you do not want to get in her way. Always mysterious but so straight-forward, my favorite memories are being a goofball with you.

Andy Brown


There are so many things to say about the development of Andy and Nick’s friendship; unfortunately most are not appropriate for this setting. What I can say, is that his well-developed bald spot perfectly represents the accelerated rate at which this man is becoming successful. Andy is the rock to our Clemson friend group and is always there to remind us we are a bunch of engineering nerds but aren’t actually smarter than him.

Catherine Weiss


Please have this women tell you about batteries. She is brilliant and hilarious and working on her PhD at the University of Delaware. I know she brings creativity, a keen intellect, and a sense of humor to everything she does. I am so grateful for the experiences and laughs we have had over the years from first meeting at Nashville Ballet. What a journey we have had together; I've loved every minute.

Kenny Brown


Kenny mentored me through the world of collegiate racing and how to (attempt to) manage a bunch of engineers. He recently traded making fast things (previously was a Penske racing design engineer with Grey) to spend the next five year's achieving a really fancy piece of paper that says he is super smart. Kenny is an incredibly talented engineer and teacher; there is no doubt his Ph.D. will be well earned.

Brooke Vasuta


Brooke is the smartest child in the Vasuta family (verified by Nick) and a rising sophmore at Franklin High School. Brooke is also a key member of the FHS color guard as well as a superb baker and artist. I am so lucky to be gaining you as a sister; I love the way you tease Nick like no one else can. Thank you for sharing your world with me and standing by my side.

Derek Moore


I have never once doubted that Derek has my back; thanks to his insomnia this includes any time of day. While we are both engineers, Derek and I share an eye for aesthetics and both stress over design details much more than is healthy. From designing race cars to Teslas, his work ethic is bound to carry him to some impressive feats in the automotive world.

Kira Fargas


Kira grew up in Bay Area and now dances with me at New Dialect. She is an award-winning choreographer and generous teacher. You have folded me under your wing, and you inspire me everyday. You are infallibly Kira Fargas, there is no one like you. A stunning, relentless artist I am lucky to be able to work with everyday. I don't know where I would be without you.

Pat Lannan


Don’t let his long locks fool you, Pat is not a bridesmaid. Pat and I became the incredible friends we are today through my plea for help. When I asked him to be the chief engineer on our team, I had no idea how smart this dude really was; I just needed his help. I quickly found out that I was not going to be able to keep up with his mechanical intellect.
Susan Moyal